Ahoi, skippy Conny Here,

we have finaly managed to escape the heat and workcamp in Trinidad, a relif of a life to sit down under the stars in a gentle breeze, At the moment anchored up east of Hog island in Grenada, the last days we managed to install the solarpanels as one of the last bigger ticks on the checklist, we made friends with a happy and friendly medstudent from the university we live near, and have had the pleasure to join her to local events!!Thank Ramona!!

the last two days Mai have had sailing classes,Miramis might not be the best boat to start learn sailing on,still i see great improvments and every tack gets stedier! some more shoulders might be a plus but they come by time we all know:)

well plan jump west on mondayish, its going to be a 3 dayish journey towards Curacao where we going to pick up Olle Moreno, the notorious deckhand from the deep forests of dalarna, rumors heard here, speaks a story of grandfathers skipping submarines before the time of the micro oven,

i hope he bring his pipe and the whiskey tobacco! aswell as some Jungelvråål!

see u soon!