Tropical rain giving Miramis a tropical massage, we are now in Shelter bay marina in Colon, working with the preparations for the transit of the canal,

San Blas is a truly fantastic archipelago with the local Kuna people passing us with sailing canoes and a big smile,

We meet up with Litorina  the first days on our visit and they handed over experience and charts of the otherwise very difficult waters to navigate,Not forget to mention a warm welcome, fresh baked cake and coffe aswell:-)
Kite surfing was great! and has a lot of potential, food is fishy and u will never have to starve as long u dip your head under the surface!

sharks stingrays and manta rays everywhere, with all waterlife around us jumping occacially at the evenings it never gets boring,

Christmas was celebrated American style with potparty aboard an old shrimp fishingboat followed with a party aboard both S/Y Karma and S/Y Thosyma, with lovely neighbors in our floating village anchored up in the lemon cays it became a solid memory.

New year was major fantastico with a noble visit from Ry, Elli and his parents! things went not as planned and new year could not have been better with a big bonfire and half of the group camping out on the beach under the stars at a silent island in paradise!

Highlights must been another major repair at anchor where our forstay was demounted and the rollerfurler dissembled and fixed up with a long lasting Mc’gyver solution:), The kitesurfing our visits and all the friendly faces we met here! So faar the most beautiful tropical archipelago i sailed!!

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