Finally joined!!
Spent almost two weeks in Shelterbay Marina waiting and preparing to get ready to go through the canal.

– Stocked up with a couple of hundred kgs of food to last four ppl for four months at sea
– Scrubbed Miramis clean, got all reparations and maintenance done
– Turned Miramis into Sea Gypsy for a day (aka laundry day)
– Tried the local rum
– Had plenty of the local ice cream and sleep ins

Now; updating live from the hundred years old Panama Canal 🙂

Going up the Gatun locks was great action and hard work from the outstanding Miramis crew and our fantastic pilot! It was very exciting and a bit nervous, you simply don’t want to mess things up in such a critical bottleneck! It was a bit of struggle from time to time but we made it just fine. A truly amazing experience, hard to describe in words..

While waiting for permission to go trough the canal we escaped the Marina and took a detour to river Chagres where we anchored in the rainforest for a couple of days and explored ruins, collected own food, took Sanchez for animal safari, swam in crocodily waters (Olle got into a fight with one) and heard B I G animals roaring from deep inside the djungle all day and night. Did the only reasonsble thing to do in such environment: watched Jurrasic Park on the big screen in the evening.

About to go through Miraflores locks soon, more pics to be updated later (incl close ups of Olles battle scars)!