Tomorrow we’ll pull up the anchor cause it’s time for the big journey across the Pacific Ocean towards French Polynesia and with that we can also anounce that Miramis will be the first expedition in the world trying to find the mystic Kurrekurredutt island!

Behind us we leave the Galapagos islands. We spent about two weeks including chilling on the beach with iguanas, wave surfing, eating local food, biking around the nature, meeting giant tortoises, snorkeling, diving, cave crawling and buying local great fruit/vegetables for our ship to feed us during the sailing.

We also ran out of cash and had to visit the more civilised isle of Santa Cruz where they’ve bank offices. Beeing to expensive having a cruise permit letting us sail around the islands we had to go by bumpy speed boat over there making us stay on a nice little hostel where we could’ve quite nice showers for once 🙂