It has been long time since we were on the middle of ocean now. When we got back to land life I could feel how much I miss to be there. Here comes story from our log on the sea.

We are at the moment staying on a broad reach with gennaker and reefed main somewhere north of Jakarta. About to finish or 30th day at sea with less than 650Nm to our destination which is Johor baharu in Malaysia, that is a city bordering to Singapore. But things didn’t go as planned from the beginning, mostly because we did a very bad job making research about Indonesia. We sat of from New Caledonia with a grumpy weather and this pushing us forward at good speed but with little comfort. That weather lasted nearly 8days and was followed of course by calm, soon we had reached Torres Strait and was fast re energized by flat water a gentle wind and the sight of hilly islands. It’s amazing how fast energy comes back when getting good weather overhead and sight of land.

At that time we already had found out that a cruise permit was needed to be able to stay in Indonesia and that the processing time was about 60days and had to be done before arrival. For us who been spending more than 8 months in the south pacific life rhythm it was not easy to come over that we now had enter the stressful paper world again. And that we were going to pass Lombok where our friend Olle Sandstrom and some other run a surf camp close with community. It would been just perfect to visit in this way. In the morning before sunrise we passed just 4Nm outside their bay. It felt a bit stupid, but we will come back we are sure about that.

We had to re plan our trip a bit and first we thought about landing in East Timor but decided to go on to Singapore to make provisioning and make contact with the home world. Research more about where it will be good to put Miramis on rest while we fly home.

From Torres Strait we got a Tern crashing into our cockpit, a young bird he came to stay with us nearly two weeks! We named him/her Saba. On day times Saba was out flying occasionally but always returned after some hour making another sketchy landing, Just to have another fresh tuna sashimi. I think it was a combination of the sashimi and that it lost its parents that made us get this close relationship. It’s amazing to see how fast a bird grow in just two weeks and to see how much skills Saba gained on landing with crosswind on a moving solar panel! In the end I think Saba could have made it as a fighter pilot on any carriers with ease. We who love birds became very happy to be able to study and come that close to one of those master navigators.

Somewhere between Lombok and Bali Saba decided to leave and it felt a bit sad to realize he was gone… But as we realized it is much easier to go to Indonesia for a bird since no need of all those papers and we agreed on that we would have done the same.

One sad thing we noticed while entering the archipelago of Indonesia is the increasing amount of plastic floating in the water, So far we have caught 3 plastic bags and some other kind of wrapping plastic on our trolling line…

Now when we are in the archipelago. It is never a boring day OR NIGHT. There are hundreds of ships and fishing boats around us all the time and even if it takes more focus, it is fun to have people around. Not to mention how good it feels to have less than 100meter and often less than 60 under the keel. It feels like sailing in a lagoon and tomorrow we hope to stop quickly at a wreck that is supposed to be visual above surface. More things that happened is that Conny turned 32, woke up to a birthday cake and a decorated saloon! What a luxury! Fresh whipped cream and handmade tool bag 🙂

We have tried different methods with drying tuna and seaweed in the sun on deck. We actually found an amazing book about how to be self-sufficient under extended lengths of cruises. “ SAILING FARM” the name sound dull, but the inside is very interesting. It explains much about drying fruits and vegetables, about drying fish and seaweed sun cooking and much more. I regret that we didn’t found this book while in the south pacific where our enormous banana stocks ripe at a speed that was impossible to keep up with on the eating front. We could have had dried banana chips for a year!!! It should be read by everyone that like to try this out, it seems to be very easy and just the seaweed part is amazing with how much proteins minerals and vitamins they consist of lying there all their life in a fluid full of nutrition’s, and it grow everywhere and taste good too!! Why we don’t use it more in the north of Europe/Scandinavia. Maybe more of us need to realize this source of healthy food as a compliment to the not environmental meat protein.

When I was at sea this long, sometimes I felt that it would be better to spend valuable time on land to meet friends, work or study something new instead of read a book, talk, watch movies and water.

What you do on the sea is quite similar every day. But I realized now that every second was so important on this trip. The process. Without this process we never manage to reach Malaysia and also never appreciate so much to be on the land, to be able to walk, run and get fresh fruits. I remember I was so happy to just go up and down long stairs even I got land-sick. But one strange thing is that I was a bit tired to be on the sea then, but now I miss to be there. I think I am in love. There, time disappearing suddenly with beautiful endless line that ocean and sky makes. There, you learn happiness and patience from nature every day. 23days sailing became 35days. It was long time. But there was something I loved and I know that in the future, this memory will tell us more about what we learned.

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